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Information on Surcharges

Addresses that are considered remote areas incur an extra delivery surcharge

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Remote Area Surcharge

Our shipping partner DHL considers certain areas to be “remote”, and will apply an additional delivery surcharge, known as the “Remote Area Service” (RAS) fee, for shipments to these locations.

When creating a new delivery address in your MyMalls Suite, we will inform you if the address corresponds to such a RAS location, so that you know that an additional fee will apply when sending shipments to this location.

Additionally, during the payment process, if an RAS fee is applicable, you will see it listed as a line item in the MyMalls payment screen, at which point you’ll have the option to select or create a different delivery address, if you so desire.

Oversize Surcharge

A fixed surcharge is applied to any package that exceeds the weight of 70kg or with a single dimension in excess of 120cm.

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