As of now MyMalls is able to deliver all your packages to your doorstep, between 10.00 AM and 15.00 PM from Monday to Friday,in the Cayman Islands. During this time however the DHL counter will be closed, therefore no pick ups are possible.

In order to obey the rules of social distancing we have adjusted the way certain operations are executed to the following.

Step 1: Shop online
You can shop on any online store that ships to the United States. Since our warehouse is located in Miami.

Step 2: Pay for shipment online
Once your packages arrive at our warehouse you will be able to pay for the shipment of these items online with a credit card or a PayPal account.

Step 3: Pay duties online beforehand
DHL is offering the possibility to pay your duties beforehand to obey to the rules of social distancing. A DHL representative will contact you by phone to arrange the payment possibilities. Payments can be done by bank transfer to the following account information:

•    Bank Name: Scotia Bank & Trust Cayman Ltd.
•    Bank Address: PO Box 689 George Town, Gran Cayman Cayman islands - KY1-1107
•    Account number: 7002096 USD7002094 KYD
•    Description: Include your DHL Airway Bill number

In addition to paying via bank transfer, you will also be given the option, by the DHL representative, to pay using a credit card where prior Authorization is required using the authorization form . You will be notified of the amount owed prior to sending the form.

Note: Once a payment has been done via bank transfer, please send the proof of payment (Form pictured below) to the following email address before delivery: [email protected] the Payment reference sent needs to include the DHL Airway Bill Number for it to be approved.

Step 4: Receive packages at home
Packages will be delivered between 9.00 AM and 15.00PM from Monday to Friday. We cannot guarantee the 1 to 3 days window during these trying times. Nonetheless, we are doing our best to maintain this window as much as we can.

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