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How can I shop tax-free in the EU?
How can I shop tax-free in the EU?

Save all your receipts and invoices and save up to 21% on your shopping in the European Union!

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Step 1: Make an account on

You can create an account via their app (Google Play / Apple Store) or website.

Step 2: Gather the documents that are needed for the VAT return

To request a VAT return you will need to provide the following documents:

1. A copy of the invoice from the supplier

This is the same invoice that you had to upload for your package, and can be downloaded from your suite.

2. A copy of the commercial invoice

This invoice is provided by MyMalls, please contact our customer service team and request a copy of the invoice for your package(s).

Example of a commercial invoice:

3. Proof of Delivery

The ‘Proof of Delivery’ is a document that you, the receiver, sign when the shipment gets delivered by the shipping courier. A ‘Proof of Delivery’ consists of the following information:

  • Date and time of delivery

  • Name of the recipient

  • His/her signature

You can find the ‘Proof of Delivery’ on the website of the shipping company with your tracking number. Go to the tracking information of your shipment to download the ‘Proof of Delivery’.

To download the 'Proof of Delivery' with a signature, you will have to fill out the ZIP/postcode of the EU warehouse, which is 1438AN.

Example of Proof of Delivery:

Step 3: Register your claim

Register your receipt in your account. You will be asked to upload the documents that you have gathered in step 2.

After completing this process will keep you updated by email automatically. will provide a time-frame for when you will receive your refund and they will notify you when your VAT has come in from the store.

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