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How to save your Payment Method details
How to save your Payment Method details

Save your payment details to speed up the checkout process.

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Many of our regular customers have requested the ability to store a saved credit card in their Suite, thereby making the checkout and payment process much faster—as they don't have to repeatedly enter the details. We're happy to announce this is now possible, and this article explains how it works.

Save your payment method

If you are using a credit card for your first shipment or if you have not saved the information MyMalls will ask you to enter your card details again.

Once you have entered all the information you have the option to save the card used for future payments. Click on Complete Payment to confirm.

Using your saved credit card on future payments

After checking the "save details" check box, on future payments, the payment screen will be pre-filled with name of the credit card you have saved with us on file. And, currently, it's only possible to save one credit card on file.

Changing or updating your saved credit card information

If you need to change or update your saved credit card, you can follow the steps described in this article.

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