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Why haven't I received my activation email ?
Why haven't I received my activation email ?

I can't find the activation email for my suite.

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There are several reasons why you may not have received your activation email:

  • Junk or Spam Folder — Have a look in your spam or junk folder, as the activation email may have ended up there. You can search for this email in this folder by typing "mymalls” in the email search bar.

  • Incorrect email address — A small error of inattention happens to everyone, you may have made a little typo in your email address. To ensure that you have registered with the correct email address, check the text just below the activation button.

  • In case you made a small typo, please contact our support team right away, they will change this immediately.

  • Request new activation email: If you have not received any emails and your email address is correct, you can always request a new activation email.

If you believe neither of these are relevant to your situation, please contact our support team.

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