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Why do I need to provide the original invoice ?
Why do I need to provide the original invoice ?

Upload the original invoice to avoid delay at your local customs department.

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Whether you are new to MyMalls or a seasoned user, we ask you to upload the original invoice for your purchases every time.

This important step allows us to :

  1. Ensure that the contents of your package match what you purchased. Sometimes orders arrive at our warehouse incomplete, and it's best that you are aware of this before we ship them to you!

  2. Provide the exact value of all your purchases to the importing country's customs office to avoid any delay.

  3. Process your packages more easily which means they will be on their way to you faster!

Please note that MyMalls will only ship packages for which we receive a copy of the original invoice.

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What You Need to Know Before Uploading Your Invoice

Customs departments aren’t too thrilled to receive anything but the correct value of a shipment from the original invoice, and they won’t release packages until everything is properly declared. Not ideal!

This is why we request the original invoice in order to prevent delays in clearing your packages at Customs. It’s nothing personal! In fact, we want you to receive your shipments as quickly as possible, so we take these precautions right from the start.

What does a correct invoice look like?

Great question! Ensure that all of the following features are in an original invoice:

  • Your complete MyMalls address with the unique suite number and correct contact information.

  • A complete address and contact information from the shipper. A company logo too, if available!

  • The document should be clearly described only as ‘Invoice’.

  • An invoice number.

  • The date when the item(s) were bought.

  • A detailed description of the items, the quantity purchased, unit price and total cost of the order.

  • Which payment method was used.

Please also note that invoices can only be accepted if they’re uploaded in PDF format. You can use this converter if you do not have your invoice in PDF.

Customs won’t accept invoices that contain the following: 

  • A document titled sales order, memo, quotation, order confirmation, declaration of goods or pro forma invoice. 

  • Written advice on this invoice, such as"This is not a bill” ““Do not pay this amount” “Value for customs only"

  • No commercial value of the invoice.

  • Handwritten invoices, screenshots, or photocopies.

Check out this example of an Amazon invoice that is acceptable as an original:

Special considerations

  • Some retailers – such as FashionNova, ASOS, Pretty Little Thing, Walmart, and Target –  sometimes include a commercial invoice in the package itself, which we’ll scan and send with the package to the right member. In this instance, we won’t request an invoice from you.

  • If we request a commercial invoice and you have not received one by email, we suggest contacting the supplier directly and specifically asking for the 'commercial invoice'.

  • Some of our members have encountered issues with invoices – mostly due to incomplete information. Luckily, there’s a nifty way around it! Simply create an invoice using the free professional invoice template generator from PayPal. Capture all the required information and you’re set.

  • Finally, the quickest way to get your package is to pre-register it in your MyMalls suite, as soon as you receive the invoice. Check out this dedicated blog post to learn more.

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