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In order to get your packages successful processed through your local customs agencies, MyMalls is required to include a copy of your original vendor invoice with our shipment.

You can provide us with original invoices by uploading them to your MyMalls Suite, or sending them to us by email.

We're often asked how to find the original invoice? Since the majority of our customer purchases are made with Amazon, this article will visually describe how to find Amazon invoices. If you're shopping with another vendor, hopefully the procedure there will be similar.

Note that you will need to follow this step on a laptop or desktop computer, and not a mobile device!

Step 1: Login to your Amazon account

Step 2: View your orders

Once logged into your Amazon account, you'll find a link under the "Account & Lists" a menu to a page that contains a listing of your orders.

Step 3: Click the invoice link on the relevant order

To the upper right of each listed order, you'll find a shortcut link directly to its invoice.

Step 4: Print your invoice

After clicking "invoice" in the previous step, you'll be shown a web page containing your invoice data, along with a "print" link at the top, which you'll want to click.

Step 5: Save as PDF or email PDF directly

Both Windows and Mac computer provide facilities to print to a PDF file (rather than a physical printer) or to print directly to a PDF attachment to an email. Here's a screenshot of what these options look like on a Mac—they are found at the bottom of the dialog box that appears when you click "Print".

The best option is to "Save as PDF...", which will create a file on your desktop computer, that you can upload directly into your Suite. Alternatively, you can choose the "Mail PDF" option, and email us your invoice, but that will introduce a small delay as our support team has to figure out which account/package the invoice belongs to.

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