Our team at MyMalls wants you to have a hassle-free and time effective clearing process; where you’re first in line all the time!

The following steps will show you exactly where and how to preregister your invoice:

Step 1

As soon as you open your suite you will see the following box right next to your address information. by clicking on preregister now, you will be taken to a different window where you can upload your invoices.

Step 2

Once you are in this window all you have to do is upload your invoice by dragging the file in the section that says "drop files here, paste or browse" Should you not be able to drag and drop your PDF file you can also click browse and upload your invoice that way. For even faster processing, please refer to the article indicating what a correct invoice looks like.

Keep in mind, local customs have introduced much stricter rules everyone must comply with. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to convert the original invoice to a PDF (if it’s in a different format). A screenshot or photo of the invoice are NOT allowed.

Step 3

We also encourage you to fill in the tracking number corresponding to the invoice. Not only are we able to effectively keep an eye out for any delays, but in the event you’ve purchased a prohibited item, we are able inform you beforehand; saving you a whole lot of hassle.

Preregistering your invoice(s) means you’re always first in line. So the moment your package arrives at the MyMalls warehouse in Miami, all you need to do is pay and your package will be on its way!

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