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How can I shop tax-free in the U.S.?
How can I shop tax-free in the U.S.?

As a MyMalls member, you are exempted from the US Sales Tax! But there's one thing you need to do before you can shop tax-free..

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There is only one way to benefit from being exempted of the US sales tax, and that is: Use your MyMalls address accordingly! In this article we will explain how you can achieve this, so that you can save even more $$$ when shopping online.

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How to recognize that you are shopping tax-free?

Before we dive into how to use your MyMalls address accordingly, we will show you how it looks like when you are not using it correctly. The moment you can recognize that you are shopping tax-free is at check-out.

In the following screenshot you will find Mariël using an incorrect way of filling in her shipping address details. That's why we find her being charged with the US sales tax:

However, when changing the shipping address to match exactly with what it should be, we see that the estimated tax to be collected is now zero 🥳

She just saved $12.03 on her order total!


Understand your MyMalls address

Your MyMalls address exists of parts that are fixed and one part that is exclusively yours; your suite number. The suite number is the part of the address, combined with the name on the package, that help us recognize that the package is yours, and not anyone else's.

Let's take Amazon for example. When saving or adding your shipping address, your shipping address is oftentimes - if not always - divided into 2 parts:

  1. The first part (or field) of the address, you fill in the address of our Warehouse. This part is fixed and is for all our members the same.

  2. The second field you fill in your suite number. This part is optional, but as you are a MyMalls member, it's mandatory.

The correct way of entering your shipping address

  • Address: The first rule of your shipping address should exactly match the following;

    • Field 1: 14350 NW 56TH CT STE 107

    • Field 2: SUITE XX-XXXXXX (adjust the X's to your suite number)

  • The following parts of your shipping address should match the following:

    • City: OPA LOCKA

    • State: Florida

    • ZIP Code: 33054-2354

Make sure that you are writing in capitals, unless you are offered a list that you have to choose from, like the 'State'-field in Amazon.

Still paying for taxes?

If you think you have filled in your MyMalls address correctly and are finding yourself still not being exempted from the US tax? Please make a screenshot and share it with us. You can do this either by e-mail or chat.

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