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MyMalls is the best option for package and mail forwarding from the USA to Curaçao, providing fast and reliable delivery for those wishing to shop at online vendors in America, and additionally providing money-saving options through our free repack and combine services! This article provides some delivery information specifically about Curaçao.

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DHL Express

DHL opening hours in Curaçao 

  • Monday to Friday, 8:00am - 5:30pm

DHL website and contact information for Curaçao

Special handling considerations for Curaçao

DHL import guidelines for Curaçao can be found by following this link: 

Tax and duties

Your packages are delivered “DDU” (Delivered Duty Unpaid), meaning it’s your responsibility to pay any local country duties in full upon delivery. These costs vary by country, so it's best to contact your local Customs office for specific details.

On Demand Delivery

DHL Curaçao provides (as of December 1st, 2020) a service to all members there called “On-Demand-Delivery”, or ODD. You will be notified via SMS and given the opportunity to manage your delivery online.

What happens if I leave my package too long in Customs?

If a shipment is in customs and not cleared, it will be sent to entre pot (customs warehouse) after 30 days. If a customer still wants to clear it DHL will prepare the clearance documentation, but the customer then has to pay for duty charges and storage fee at customs Nieuwe Haven (the storage fee will be calculated by Customs). Normally, Customs will keep the shipments for approximately 6 months, after which they will be posted for auction.

CRIB Number

The government of Curaçao provides each private and commercial resident with a tax identification number called the "CRIB", which is short for Curaçao Recording Information Belastingen.

As of April 3rd 2017, the Curaçao customs department requires Curaçao residents to provide their CRIB number when receiving shipments, which means that MyMalls needs to include this information on each package that we send to the country.

For MyMalls members whose accounts are associated with Curaçao, you will now find a field on your MyMalls profile page where this data can be entered:

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

What if I don't have a CRIB number?

You can request one at the Curaçao Tax Office, or at the Curaçao Customs Office at Nieuwe Haven.

Until you provide a CRIB number in your account profile, MyMalls will mark your packages as "CRIB Not Provided", which may result in delivery delays and possibly fines if you are determined by Curaçao Customs to be a resident.

Note that you may have a CRIB number, but which is not yet "activated" at the Tax Office. If this applies to you, you can activate it by calling 7342684.

What if I'm not a Curaçao resident?

If your MyMalls account is associated with a different country, and you ship to Curaçao, we will mark the package as "CRIB Not Provided", in which case you (or your recipient) will be obliged to provide a valid passport as identification on delivery.

What if I am a student without a CRIB number?

Students need to use the CRIB number of their mother or father, attached with a letter of authorization from this person.

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