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Manage delivery to your US address

Can MyMalls refuse a delivery for me?

MyMalls will only refuse a package delivery, if it is obvious from the outside of the package that the items inside are likely to be damaged.

Manage delivery to you

Can I change the delivery address while en route?

In most cases yes, but that may incur a US$10 surcharge for the recipient payable directly to DHL upon delivery.

What happens if I’m not home when the package is delivered?

Our delivery partners DHL and FedEx require that a person be available to sign for your package and pay the corresponding import duties.

For DHL, if you know that you will not be present for the delivery, you can change the delivery date using On-demand delivery service, in order to reschedule it to a later date.

For FedEx, a delivery will be rescheduled for the next day. If delivery cannot be made within 3 days, FedEx will store your package in its warehouse and you will be subject to an additional fee to retrieve it.

What happens if I leave my package too long in Customs?

In most countries, packages left uncollected in Customs for an extended period of time, depending on local laws, are moved to a central government warehouse—and generally incurring additional costs to receive them.

For more details we encourage you to contact your local DHL or FedEx office. You can find contact details for your local DHL or FedEx office in our Countries section of the Help Cent.


The DHL warehouse in Barbados is located at their station, and so packages remain on site for at least thirty days. After this, then they are sent to the Queen’s warehouse, where they will become part of an auction.


If a shipment is in customs and not cleared, it will be sent to entre pot (customs warehouse) after 30 days. If a customer still wants to clear it DHL will prepare the clearance documentation, but the customer then has to pay for duty charges and storage fee at customs Nieuwe Haven (the storage fee will be calculated by Customs). Normally, Customs will keep the shipments for approximately 6 months, after which they will be posted for auction.


In Jamaica package recipients are given the option to clear themselves or have DHL act as a broker. If they do not act within 14 days, the shipment is turned over to Jamaica Customs, after which the customer will need to clear the shipment from the government location (Queen’s Warehouse) as DHL no longer has jurisdiction over the package.

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