Yes, MyMalls can help with your package returns for free of charge in the following cases:

  • I received an incorrect package

  • I received a package that is missing items

  • I received a damaged package

  • My package cannot be shipped due to prohibited or hazardous item(s)

If you wish to return a package because you are no longer interested in your package or for any other reason other than the cases mentioned above? A processing fee of US$ 10 per package plus the handling fee of US$ 10 per pick up will be charged to your account.

If you wish to return a package that requires special handling because it exceeds our dimensional standards in terms of overweight or oversized, such as sofas or beds? A processing fee of US$ 90,- per package plus the handling fee of US$ 10 per pick up will be charged.

Be aware of your seller's return policy, some stores will cover the return shipping charge. Others may require you to pay for it. MyMalls is not responsible for the return policies of your seller.

How do I return a package?

  • You have to initiate the return process — MyMalls is simply the place where your package is physically located. We do not have a relationship with the company that sold you the product, and therefore we can not initiate the return. You have to do that by contacting the shipper or manufacturer to obtain a Return Authorization.

  • Returns must be picked up at our warehouse — We can not ship your package back to the vendor, and therefore we only support returns in which a courier comes to our warehouse to pickup your package and return it to the vendor.

  • We need the return label — Generally, when organizing a return, the vendor will issue of a shipping label to place on the returned package. It is your responsibility to provide us with that label.

  • We need the original invoice* — In case you received an incorrect package, we will need the original invoice to prove that the supplier made a mistake. *This is only required when you want to return an incorrect package.

  • If we have already shipped your package, then it's too late — If MyMalls has already shipped your package, and it's in route to your location, then we can no longer be involved in its return to the vendor. We do not have the means to recall it from delivery, and have it returned to our warehouse.

If you need to organize a return, please contact our customer support team.

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