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Prohibited or hazardous items

What happens if I purchase a prohibited item?

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What is considered as Prohibited or hazardous items ?

At MyMalls you can ship anything or almost anything. Some goods are prohibited for air transport due to safety, health risks or even trade embargoes. On top of that, every carrier has their own policies for restricting items that may endanger the aircraft or passengers’ health or safety.

Below is a selection of a few of the items that we are currently unable to ship.

Items containing alcohol

  • Such as : Alcoholic beverages or products containing alcohol as an active ingredient cannot be shipped at all. Hand sanitizers, nail polish or perfumes are examples of products with alcohol as an active ingredient.

  • MyMalls is only allowed to ship products that contain 12% or less alcohol as an inactive ingredient; which means the levels of alcohol within that product does not increase or affect the action of the active ingredient.

Lithium Cells and Battery

  • Such as : Loose or spare lithium batteries, Lithium coin cell batteries, Lithium batteries not packed with equipment, Lithium power banks

  • However, we can only ship lithium batteries :

    • If contained inside the device (like a computer or a smartphone), the max weight of batteries is 5 kg.

    • Must be packed in a strong outer packaging made of suitable material

    • Batteries may be used ones, but not damaged or defective.

    • Batteries shall not be sensitive to overheating or short circuit.

    • The amount of lithium is not more than 1 gram/20Wh per each cell, and not more than 2 gram/100Wh per battery.

  • Pressurized items

    • Such as Deodorant cans, Hair Spray, Air Freshener etc

  • Perishable foods However, we are able to process and ship non-perishable food items including pasta, cereal, dried fruits and grains, hard candy, and most canned goods.

To check the complete list, click on the following link

How do I deal with MyMalls receiving a prohibited item?

If a prohibited or hazardous item that is not eligible for international shipping arrives to MyMalls, we will provide the suite owner with four options:

  • Return the package to sender by getting a “Will Call Tag” from the supplier, or

  • Choose a sea freight forwarder to pick up your package from our warehouse and ship it to you, or

  • Have someone pick up the package at our warehouse for you, or

  • Dispose of the package

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