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How to use your personal MyMalls addresses and suite number
How to use your personal MyMalls addresses and suite number

How to use your personal MyMalls address and suite number to make sure your packages arrive in our warehouses.

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Your personal MyMalls Addresses and Suite number

When you sign up for MyMalls you get not one but two free shipping addresses: one in the US and one in Europe! To get your addresses follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your suite

2. And switch from one address to another simply by clicking on the flag

These are the addresses you provide at checkout when you shop online.

To ensure that your packages arrive safely to our warehouses, be sure to copy all the elements of your MyMalls address and paste these in the address box when checking out on the shopping site.

It is important to include your complete suite number as part of your shipping address when you make a purchase—otherwise, we won't know for which customer the incoming package is intended.

This suite number is unique and is only yours - It will allow us to assign the package to the correct account.

Your suite number consists of two letters and six digits.

The two letters correspond to the country you selected when you registered. These two letters do not change and are definitive even if you add other delivery addresses in your suite.

To learn how to manage your forwarding addresses click here.

How to use it

Let's go! You've found the item you're looking for and it's time to have it delivered to our warehouse and use your MyMalls address.

  • Step 1 : Log in to your MyMalls suite

  • Step 2 : Click on the flag of the warehouse you want your packages to be delivered to. The full address will then appear.

  • Step 3: Copy the full address and then paste it into your online retailer's website at checkout. To make it easier for you, just click the little icon next to each line to copy.

Caution! To avoid any delay in delivery to our warehouses it is important to fill in all the elements of the address correctly including your suite number and the warehouse number.

  • Step 4: Pay for your goods on the website of your online retailer, et voila!

The next step, pre-register your invoices in your suite to speed up the process of your packages' arrival to our warehouses!

Have any questions about your addresses? No problem! Reach out to our friendly Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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